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Have you just concluded writing an article? Pause and ensure you are not trading accuracy for speed or anything else. Remember that precision is everything, nobody sees reality in total, we need others to identify the parts they see better than we do. Do not take another step until you have determined that the one you have taken is the right one. Excellence is valuable and of high demand. It is known that what is worth doing is worth doing well. Our peer-review platform will ensure your article comes out accurately and with excellence.

Two or more reviewers from different institutions that are experts in the field will dissect your work into tiny fragments to highlight all the strengths and weaknesses in it.

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Peer Review types

Pre-submission peer review:  This is peer review executed on articles before the authors submit them to any journal for publication. Two or three reviewers will evaluate the article to determine if it has been properly written and to ensure an excellent write up is submitted for publication. 

Post-publication peer review : This type of peer review is executed on articles that have already been published and the authors or publisher require the published work to be evaluated by experts in the field.

Peer Review for Publishers/academic bodies:  We undertake peer review of articles on behalf of publishers who may need to incorporate our services into their editorial processes, to ensure a smooth and easy flow of the editorial process

Types of manuscript we review 

We conduct peer-review for academic manuscripts only.

Duration of review 

The review comments will be delivered within 7-14 days.

Peer-review fee 

15 USD per article.

It includes cover the following additions:

1. Re-evaluation of a revised manuscript after revising it based on the review comments we deliver,
2. Issue of a Peer-review certificate after the reviewers have considered the manuscript fit for publication
3. A document summarizing the peer-review process of the manuscript, including links to view the necessary documents that were submitted by the reviewer and author during the review process. Among other benefits, this document can be used by the author to receive early acceptance and publication in any journal of choice; or can be submitted to supervisors and other authorities that may need it.

How is our peer-review service beneficial to you? 

1. It will acquit you with the actual status of your manuscript’s accuracy and quality. Do you think you have written your work very accurately? Why not confirm by using our service before submitting the manuscript to a publisher for acceptance and publication. After all, if you are right, having your manuscript approved by reviewers through this platform will simply boost your confidence and acceptance expectancy. We will also spell out all the practical applications, advantages, strength and weaknesses of your write-up.

2. It will ensure your article comes out accurately and with excellence, by providing professional corrections and suggestions that will improve the manuscript after proper revision is done by the author(s). But how is this achieved?

• Respected and experienced personalities from various universities around the world are invited and carefully selected to undertake the reviews.
• We will assign each manuscript to reviewers having profound knowledge/specialty in the subject area of the manuscript.
• Our Reviewer’s Guide is detailed and will ensure that the reviewers comment on all important areas of the manuscript.
• The author(s) can submit a revised manuscript after the first stage of review for a final check.

3. It will ensure your intellectual property is properly protected. But how is this achieved?

• The reviewers assigned to each manuscript are respected and experienced personalities from various universities around the world that have diligently served in various editorial boards and have built good reputation.
• Reviewers agree to keep the article confidential before they undertake the review of a manuscript.

4. It will prevent the delay experienced in the review processes of a number of journals. But how is this achieved?

• Reviewers will work hard to review a manuscript and send the review comments within 5 – 14 days.
• A webpage/document is created for the manuscript, containing the outcome of the entire review process. This webpage/document is password protected and can be downloaded by only the author or anyone (journals/editors) the author chooses to grant access. The entire review is delivered to the author in PDF format, which the author can submit to any journal or editor to speed up the acceptance and publication of the manuscript.
• Journals have been contacted and are beginning to recognise our peer-review system.

5. For different reasons, a journal may compromise the quality of their review process. This leaves some articles handicap of excellence and accuracy, which we believe you cannot afford to compromise. In most cases, you may not even be aware. This review platform will help you bridge this gap. But how is this achieved?

• You will not settle for mediocrity, even though your manuscript can easily be accepted and published by some journals. Therefore, by sending us your article to us for review, you can personally ensure that your manuscript has met the required standard and quality before it is received, accepted and published by any journals.
• Our reviewers will dissect your work into tiny fragments to highlight all the strengths and weaknesses in it. Also, this will be achieved within a short time.
• We can work with the authors’ instructions for any journal, if it is provided to us by the author, so our reviewers can review based on the journal’s criteria; thereby, producing a comprehensive review outcome than can be presented to the respective journals.

6. For publishers and editors of journals, it will remove the burden, uncertainty and stress usually associated with the peer-review system. It will save your time, manpower and other resources, enabling you to focus and improve on other publication processes, thereby, enhancing your services. Finally, it will maintain a stable quality for your published articles and will boost your integrity. But how is this achieved?

• By sending us your manuscripts, invited reviewers will do proper justice to each manuscript and will deliver your manuscripts promptly.
• We can handle bulk manuscripts and deliver each at the same time.
• We can run an open review system for publishers and editors. The names, affiliations, qualifications and subject specialty of the reviewers of each manuscript will be made available.
• On completion of the review process, we deliver the review outcome in an organised and orderly manner that will allow easy transit of the result from the publisher to the author. The review files are delivered in formats (HTML, PDF) preferred by the publisher or editor.
• We can be creative and flexible in adjusting to your needs.

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