Our Services


Our services are rendered for the following types of manuscripts: Academic, Non-academic, Scientific, Research, Thesis, Dissertation and Books. Business documents and websites are also inclusive.



Take advantage of our manuscript proofreading service that delivers a document free of errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. We will also check your references and citations style. We can deliver within 1-7 days depending on the number of words in a manuscript. Do you wish to experience our quality before processing your payment? Simply send us your manuscript and we can send you a free sample of our service using the first 400 words in your manuscript. Submit your document now and get a price quote within 24 hours. Read more here.



Our editing service is extensive and goes beyond proofreading to cover the following:

Logic, clarity, sentence structure, and flow check


Check for spelling, grammar, typos, and other language errors

References and citations check

Presentation, organization and style check

Presentation of an editing certificate

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How about receiving various review comment generated randomly from professionals in the subject area of your manuscript. We have a network of qualified international reviewers from various universities around the world. Our goal is to obtain reviewers' comments rapidly for each manuscript. Manuscripts are reviewed by highly qualified and trusted professionals in different subject fields of study. Enjoy a wealth of professional comments and diverse views about your document. We conduct two types of peer-review: blind and open peer-review.

Duration: It takes between 5 - 14 days to submit the review comments, depending on the type and volume of the manuscript.

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Language Translation

With experienced translators for different languages, our translation service will deliver your document with impressive grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. We translate from other languages to English and also from English to other languages. We translate the following languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mexican, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Our translation service passes through this process: translation, review of translation, editing and final review.

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Language Transcription

We transcribe different audio contents such as podcasts, seminars, speeches, class notes, media interviews, recorded lectures, job interviews, recorded sermons, or almost any other audio. We will present a soft copy document of your audio content that has been uniquely transcribed.

We transcribe to English language as well as to other languages..


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Manuscript Formatting

Save yourself from the trouble and stress of trying to meet your journal's format-requirements. Let us help you to organize your manuscript according to the required format of any journal you intend to publish with and we will deliver your manuscript perfectly to earn the manuscript an acceptance. 


Plagiarism Related Services

The challenge of plagiarism can sometimes look difficult for authors to deal with. We offer authors assistance in dealing with the plagiarism issues of their manuscripts. We assign the manuscript to a qualified editor to look into the plagiarism areas and proffer a solution to assist the author to overcome this challenge. You are guaranteed to have your plagiarism issues properly resolved. Please submit your manuscript to receive a price quote and possibly a sample of what we do.