Partner with us

EditRev currently seeks partnership with organizations (Universities, Journals, e.t.c.) and associations involved in writing, research and publication. Our various partnership options are listed below:


Publisher Partnership: EditRev is an expert in major processes carried out by publishers. We offer proofreading, review, editing, translation and formatting services to publishers, these services can be customized to suit your need.  We guarantee publishers that EditRev is the right choice for services that are innovative, prompt, of quality and unique. To this effect, we are willing to render our first service to publishers free of charge for one manuscript. Publishers that wish to opt for our services can fill the organization partnership form.


University/Association partnership: EditRev is seeking partnership with universities/associations that wishes to process the manuscripts of authors and researcher from it's institution. Please fill the the organization partnership form


Reviewer/Editor Partnership: EditRev is willing to partner with qualified individuals who are willing to participate in rendering one or more of our editorial services. The available services for editorial partnership includes: proofreading, reviewing, editing and language translation. Editorial partners will derive some benefits from rendering their services. To apply, fill the editorial partnership form.